Saturday, July 12, 2008

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i made a new blog... you can find it at

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

sorry for the long delay...

Ok guys here ya updating...

I thought that i would update since i have nothing else to do because everyone else is off doing something else. Anyway as most of you know I recently got Guitar Hero II. I beat the game on easy in about an hour or so but then it took me roughly two and a half more hours to get half way through the game on medium. But since i practiced the songs on medium before I played them I have successfully beaten the game on medium. I have not ventured into the hard difficulty because my left hand is just getting its cordnation back (hence the reason it took so long to beat the game on medium).

And another thought for all of you who know about my cell phone incident. Because my parents are nice I paid them a certain amount and I have since gotten my phone returned to me. So you no longer have to reach me at home my phone is officially back on and in my hands. But for those people like Francisco who feel the need to text me instead of call me...I have free texting. However, if you do not have texting which i know alot of you do not, I will not text you at all.

Well thats all for now i guess...

Talk to you all later

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Call

ok so tyler made me realize that i made a mistake and i said i only have one more year until graduation so here im correcting myself i have two years until graduation!!!...sorry for any inconvience haha...

Anyway i have gotten over the fact that i am going to be in an NFL stadium i am still excited about that however not as much as i was. My plan was to go into the Call with an open heart and mind to allow God to come to me in his own special way and hopefully reveal a plan for our generation. Like i said before i am looking to change my faith. Im hoping that it will change my life, however if it doesn't i still plan to take something from it and put it towards my every day life. I realize that it may take a while to change but I hopefully will be able to accept that.

So to sum it all up I hope to walk away from The Call with something that will change my doesnt have to be a forever thing but hopefully it will make me realize what my generation will go through.

And finally as Daniel's mom put it "we are going to war." I do agree with that statement. Even though we arent necessarily trying to save a different country from a dictator and such, however, we are trying to save the world for self destructing itself.

anyway talk to you all later.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I am officially a junior at st. paul high!!!!!! thats right a junior!!! i cant believe that its only a year away from gradutation although i am looking forward to it in a way but then again i am not...

anyway speaking of graduation...I officially (according to state standards) can graaduate high school. I passed all five of the O.G.T.'s. i scored accelerated in my two worst subjects they being science and writing. I was most worried about math and science but i passed them all with "flying colors."

I dont know what to say about summer...theres not much going on right now but come early july i should be busy because im going to cedar point for band on the 2nd then i got the 4th of july parade and then the next day i am going to nashville with daniel and the rest of the youth group. i am mainly going because i want to get something out of it and make my faith stronger and with what everyone has said about it i think that is a good way to do all that. I am most excited because i did not realize that i would be in a NFL stadium and being where the Vince Young plays football...i know im going a little crazy but ive never been in a NFL stadium...

anyway thats all for now see you all later...

P.S. Karolyn i am so better then you at guitar hero you just dont want to admit...and im watching my phone AHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


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see francisco i told you mine wasnt much better


UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE...thats all i have been hearing from you people lately so here ya updating...

I am on AIM that wonderous instant message program that you can talk to a person 2 seconds up the road or halfway across the globe on... and it struck me because i saw a friends away message...he said that our retreat tomorrow will be a stupid waste of time and we will get the reassurance that every one in our class hates each other...well i have a tendency to agree with him...because my class is notoriously bad for not getting along with each other. so basically i have a strong feeling that nothing will get resolved here at this retreat...i also have a feeling that some how some way one of my class mates will find a way to screw the whole thing up.

Quite frankly because of this i really dont want to go tomorrow...i definitly dont like retreats only because generally they make you open up about problems that you dont want anyone to know about or just to open up about problems within yourself period...and i hate doing tomorrow should be a fun day all things considering my class just doesnt get along...and as most of you have heard...our class has been known to drive people to other schools because we dont get along very well...the stupid thing is half of my class wont come to our class reunions...i know i wont because i plan on going to college in state and then moving out of state and shutting myself off to the rest of the world becasue i think im better off that basically after college im saying goodbye to good ole norwalk and ohio and saying hello to another state...(HOWEVER, i will still be a big OHIO STATE fan and CAVALIER FAN, GO BUCKS and CAVS!!!!!)

anyway theres your update...nice and long :)...have fun and i'll update about tomorrow as soon as i can...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


umm ok so im glad to hear that you all had fun...eventhough storm and sylvia did kinda fall asleep...but hey as long as you guys and girls had fun thats all that really matters i guess anyway i could have planned more things for us to do but quite honestly i didnt really feel like sorry...but since it sounds like ya'll had fun i guess the apology isnt really needed but im sorry anyway...

well thats all for now

talk to you all later...